YTB 2.0 Review – Can YTB Travel Network Continue to Live Up to the Hype? – Travel reviews

YTB, also known as Your Travel Biz and the YTB Travel Network, is an online travel company that was founded in 2001 and gives home-based business seekers their own personal travel search engine comparable to Expedia, Orbitz, and several other highly-advertised Internet travel companies. This YTB 2.0 review offers my perspective on whether this company is a scam, or a legitimate business opportunity that provides you with the chance to earn a solid income in the home-based business industry.Applying my background in network marketing, I am able to conclude there are several different factors that will have a large influence on whether a company like YTB will continue to be the top home-based travel opportunity as we go forward, or whether it will fail. This review is dedicated to those facts.YTB Fact #1: No company can remain at the top of their sector UNLESS they have a unique product, a unique position in the market, and proper leadership behind them.With YTB, all of those factors are in place. Although their product is not “unique” in the sense that travel can be found on many outlets, YTB gives its Referring Travel Agents (RTAs) the ability to book travel arrangements for their friends and families, as well as themselves. Thus, the commission that would normally go to a faceless Internet website now goes to someone the consumer knows. This gives them a unique position within the travel market.They also have solid leaders in place with J. Lloyd “Coach” Tomer, J. Scott Tomer, and Kim Sorenson, and several others who have built their YTB businesses from the inception of the company.With comparable rates on every aspect of travel, YTB shows strong potential to continue their run. They have a product that is in HIGH DEMAND (everybody travels!) and they can provide the same seat on the same plane for the same price as their competitors. This trend looks very good for YTB.YTB Fact #2: All network marketing companies are rendered meaningless unless the right people get behind the idea. Literally, if you don’t have the right leaders in the field, who have a commanding influence over their networks, then a company will become stagnant and suffer little to no growth.There have been several negative reports that surfaced about YTB over the past six months, but most of the problems they faced have been resolved. To that end, if YTB can tap into a new well of respectable distributors to replace ones who left, recruit new faces with great influence in the industry, and keep their current leadership in place, their message will spread wider, faster, and very powerfully. It all rests in the hands of the distributors to ensure the message is carried out effectively.People I’ve spoken to believe YTB has a very bright future and are excited about what the future holds. Despite a few bumps along the way, as all new companies face, YTB has shown staying power and should continue to be a significant force in the travel industry.My review of this company is very promising. HOWEVER, there is one more thing I want to add.YTB Fact #3: Any home-based business, YTB included, is 100% useless to the starting-out marketer…UNLESS you possess the ability to market your business, how to generate leads, and know the basic principles and fundamentals behind succeeding in this industry first.In fact, MOST MLMers fail because they don’t take the time to learn what will help them be successful.I have seen many people fall flat on their face, regardless of their products or their companies, simply because they did not know how to market and build their business. Your first duty as an entrepreneur is to educate yourself first and foremost, to develop yourself, shift your mindset to that of “business owner,” and ALWAYS be learning and growing.This is the true formula for success, and will lead to more triumphs and long-term stability if implemented correctly. If you follow this, and truly seek the knowledge to market your business like a professional, you will put yourself in a better position than other YTB distributors.

TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition GPS Navigator Review – Travel reviews

TomTom VIA 1505 M World Traveler Edition works best for travelers moving across the two continents North America and Europe. The GPS unit gives easy access to local maps with simple changes in device settings. Another important advantage is free lifetime map updates service.This navigator does not have the lifetime traffic updates option. Bluetooth and voice-based commands feature are absent. These are the two major disadvantages. But important features such as Advanced lane guidance, millions of Points of Interests, IQ Routes, and the new map sharing technology are of immense value. The low price tag makes it an affordable option for international travelers.The new unit comes preloaded with the maps of US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The map sharing community provides the latest information about sudden road changes. TomTom creates a high-value map service for the users with good navigational quality. 1505M World Traveler makes lane changing around high junctions an easy process. A 3D view of complex crossings provides clarity while driving. This view is extremely realistic which leads to correct lane changing decisions.Local points of interests are available for most of the locations. TomTom increases the Points Of Interests database continuously. This ensures that new points are available from the first day. This feature is particularly useful in locating emergency services. The navigator displays several road options between the start and destination points. You can choose the best route using the time and fuel data. This is an award-winning system of TomTom. The 5 inch Touchscreen looks small but it is easy to type in the information. The GPS comes with an integrated mount system. The integrated mount places it directly on the dashboard or windshield.Customers receive a subscription to map updates after making the order. The subscription facility allows access to new map downloads. However, you can download only 4 times in one single year. Free traffic updates feature is not present. Those who want the traffic update system have to buy a new antenna and traffic subscription separately. The speed and quality of navigation data are praiseworthy. The Touchscreen displays advance information about toll charged roads. Thus, making proper route changes is simpler. You can also check on speed limit restriction for various roads via the route information feature. Some units may not contain European maps. You need to verify from the seller before making the purchase. But new European maps are easily available as free downloads.